“Dwarfed by the jetliner, they look little more than a smattering of black dots. But this flock of birds could have brought the plane crashing down in seconds. They flew straight into the path of the Germania airlines flight to Kosovo as it took off from Dusseldorf airport with 80 on board. ‘It was like a scene from the Hitchcock movie The Birds. One second all was clear, and the next thing you saw were these birds swarming over the plane,’ said an onlooker. It is thought more than 200 starlings were sucked into the right engine as the Boeing jet approached 200mph. Others dented the fuselage but thankfully did not pierce it. Their splattered remains could be seen on the plane later.” w/ photos

Plane Crash Lands On Top Of Man

09/26/09 - Unbelievable

Erold Sigurdsson, 65-year-old man from northern Sweden, is once again counting his blessings and picking up the pieces after a truckload of timber slammed into his house on Thursday – for the third time. By now, Sigurdsson is familiar with the loud rumbling and violent shaking that occurs when a load of timber flies off one of the many trucks that round the bend on route 363 in front of his house in Örträsk, just south of Lycksele in north central Sweden. On Thursday, Sigurdsson happened to be in his attic as another timber truck came around the turn, prompting a recognizable sound. “I realized what was happening when things started rumbling and the house started shaking. All the doors were blocked by the logs so I had to wait for help,” Sigurdsson told the local Västerbottens Kuriren newspaper. “It’s happened three times before. The first time was in 1989 and the second time the house really took a licking was about five years ago.” w/ photos

Sexual Healer Slept With 1,500 Men

09/17/09 - Unbelievable