Imagine waking up to find this evil looking doll next to you. Not sure what is going on with it’s right eye but to me it looks like it is possessed by some sort of dark spirit.


3. Butchered Baby Dolly

butchered_baby_dollyWhat dark soul thought that making this abomination would be a good thing?


4. Fancy  a Cuddle?


This dolly looks like it has awoken from some sort of crypt. I don’t fancy getting too close to this monster.


5. Killer Dolly

< Digimax U-CA 5, Kenox U-CA 5 / Kenox U-CA 50 > This freakshow doll looks like it has just stepped out of the set of an ancient horror movie. I would never let this creature anywhere near my children.

Its truly terrifying! 


6. Just Plain Weird


Some people find these dolls adorable, i think that they are some of the most bizarre creatures i have ever laid my eyes on.


7. Doll Abuse


This poor doll looks like it has been abused in some way (what’s with the electrical tape on his right hand?). Its piercing eyes make the hair on my neck stand on end.


8. Chucky Doll


Fans of the film will pang with fear at the sight of this “Chucky Doll.” The image this doll has scared me into never seeing the film.


9. Burnt Baby Doll


Even though i know this is a doll, it still looks eerily life like. I don’t like its eyes and sly smile..get it away!


10. Down Syndrome Doll


I have no idea why company has decided to create these dolls but i find it kinda creepy.

From the site: “Designed by a pediatrician, our dolls realistically reflect the characteristics of Down Syndrome

Source – http://www.downsyndromedolls.com/ (sorry no link as they said this on the site- “No material anywhere on this web site may be copied or further disseminated and/or used to create hypertext links to this site without the express and written permission of the owner. Furthermore, any violation may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986. Copyright © 2002 HEST of Europe d/b/a” )

11. Negro Doll

This doll is from a different age and is slightly racist. Its terrifying to think that such dolls were accepted by mainstream consumers.


12. Trilogy of Terror Doll


In 1975, this fearsome doll committed stabbings, drowning  and sacrificial killings in the Oscar nominated Trilogy of Terror. Make sure you don’t remove his chain or you might end up his next victim…


13. Discarded Doll

discarded_dollThis decapitated doll strikes fear into the pit of my stomach.


14. A Very Strange German Doll


This 10-inch wrestler doll is one of the most frightening things i have seen all year. I really don’t get why she is only wearing a pair of sock and boots.


15. Demonic Twins

demonic-dollsThis set of twins are positively demonic… this image will now pervade my darkest nightmares.